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Transform your smile with expert dental services tailored for you! Our Landing Page is your gateway to a world of dental excellence, where precision meets care.

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Explore exclusive discounts, perfect for the wedding season. Your journey to a confident smile begins with savings!

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us:

Embark on a transformative smile journey. Schedule your appointment now and experience the magic of Radiant Smiles Dental Care.


Doctors, BDS, RDS, C-Paeds, leads a team of skilled dental professionals.

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Beyond treatments, we prioritize your comfort and well-being.

Advanced Technology

We employ cutting-edge dental technology for precise and effective care.


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At Capital Dental Clinic, our teeth whitening services start from PKR 28,000. We offer personalized treatments to ensure a brighter and more confident smile for our patients.
Absolutely. Our experienced team at Capital Dental Clinic ensures that the extraction process is as comfortable as possible. We prioritize pain management and patient comfort throughout the procedure.
Yes, we offer special discounts for bundled dental services. Inquire about our package deals, combining treatments such as teeth whitening, fillings, and more, to maximize your savings on your journey to a healthier smile.
A typical scaling and polishing session at Capital Dental Clinic lasts approximately 45 minutes. We aim to provide a thorough and efficient cleaning experience for optimal oral health.
Our dental fillings at Capital Dental Clinic are meticulously performed, ensuring a virtually pain-free experience. Dr. Maryam Tariq and our team prioritize precision and comfort to restore your teeth's natural beauty.

About Us

Capital International Hospital is a state-of-the-art hospital located in the heart of Islamabad. There are total 22-panel doctors.


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Who Are We

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